21 Day Cycle - Anyone Experience shorter periods?

Is a 21 day period cycle something normal or something you’ve experienced? I am usually on the clock 27 or 28 days and I just had my first 21 day, unless I calculated something wrong. From what I could google, some people do have 21 day cycles or could be brought on by changes in exercise routines (intense). Or is it a sign of perimenopause?

Ooh interesting! Mine has been weird since my IUD so hard to say.

hmm…what does the IUD do to cycles? I’ve never had one so have no idea. I’m hoping this month is back to usual but who knows?

A lot of women’s periods go away but mine never did. Just got wonky!

I love love my IUD. I have the Mirena and I don’t get my period anymore. When it’s been in after 3 years or so they’ll start to come back lightly which tells me it’s time to look into changing it out again.

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sigh always the case with our bodies. Everyone’s is so different! That’s why it’s so good to talk about it here and share.