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Thank-you so much. I’ve stumbled across this.
Menopause, where do i start?
My skin is drier…needs moisture all the time. I’ve always had very oily skin. I don’t pee if i cough or sneeze…yet…lol
I do my keagals, exercise yet when I when i go to bathroom to pee…i don’t know something changed. It’s like i noticed one day. I would pee, think I’m finished but then more comes out in tinkles.
Ok…we have periods, preggo, child rearing, breastfeeding. Oh joy, now I’m ready to live life as my children moved out. Now this…lmao
Women got a bad rap…lol


So many different issues and needs that come up and they vary from person to person. Have you tried any naturopathic remedies or alternative therapies for any of these symptoms? I wonder if acupuncture might help as I know it can help regulate hormonal cycles. Not offering any known remedies myself as I haven’t gone through it yet but wanted to open the discussion for anyone who has the experience and offer any advice for dealing with this.

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