First time posting, we are currently going through a hard time at home. Maybe not ready to share it all but if anyone could offer any words of encouragement or pet photos?

Thank you!


Welcome! We are so happy you have joined us. Those of you who know me here know I’m a huge Nikita Gill poet fan. And here’s a beautifully raw one that I think you can draw strength and inspiration from.

@Lynds - welcome to our community! This is a safe and anonymous place, share whenever you’re ready. I went through a particularly tough time a few years ago and it took all of my self soothing skills to get through it. I found that the key to self soothing is to do whatever things bring you joy, however tiny. Just breathe and pause - nothing needs to happen this immediate second. Bake a cake, do yoga, listen to music, hug a pet. Whatever raises your vibe and your energy just a little bit. For the thoughts in your mind, go general - try to spiral up as much as you can… start with “I am ok” or whatever, and go from there. Whatever your going through, it will work itself out in its own time, you can’t rush it. You will continue on with whatever it is you’re doing until the minute that you don’t, and you move on, and life will go on… it always does… I’m sending you so much positive energy and hugs! Xoxo

Sending you hugs and lots of love… <3