Aging Topics, Anti-Aging and Growing Up

I am starting a new category for us to discuss topics relating aging and growing older (wiser!). Let’s talk about how we feel about becoming more mature and wiser, growing older, and how we are managing these changes.

I’m in! I’m 63 years old. For some reason, I’m stuck on the notion that I’m still in my 40’s - that time when you have maturity, but also youth. What I don’t have from that stage of life is the fight to remain young, wrinkle-free and “attractive”. I’ve had so much growth over the past 20 years - and especially - the past ten, that my self-worth is truly and deeply anchored into the beauty I carry in my heart and soul. I’ve used the term “freeing” in other posts here. I truly cannot say it enough - it’s freeing to age unapologetically, even defiantly. If someone suggests I’m not attractive because of my age, they’ll quickly learn the one part of me that hasn’t changed - my mouthiness, which they’d get a whole load of, lol!

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it’s interesting you say you are in the mindset still of being in your 40s. I’m 41 and I don’t feel like I’m in my 20s but I still feel like I’m 35/36. I think as long as I remain relatively healthy and my body stays strong, I will feel younger than I am.

I love what you’ve written about being able to “age unapologetically, even defiantly”. One to keep in my notes so I can remember that too.

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It’s ok, I feel like I’m stuck in my early 30’s! But, I feel that age in spirit and mind. :slight_smile: