Alone in my marriage

Posting on behalf of new community member @Lizz-6 - please welcome her to Scarlet Society and provide some words of encouragement :heart:
“Miserable in my marriage. What do I do”

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@Lizz-6 welcome to our group. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a hard time. Glad that you’re reaching out for support - even if it’s just within our safe community. You’re not alone.

I don’t have a lot of input but I will tell you that you’re worthy of attention, love & kindness.

I encourage you learn more about yourself & try to rediscover what passions/hobbies fill your cup. I’ve been on a long journey of self love & discovery as I had put myself last for far too long.

Education & support will help you find your way moving forward…whichever way that path goes. We’re here for you to vent and/or lean on.

Sending some positive vibes your way :sparkles:

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Hi @Lizz-6 - First off, welcome. Now, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling alone/miserable in your marriage.

On that topic - you are most certainly not alone! If you read through some of the threads, you’ll see that I’ve been quite vocal and raw about some of the immense challenges I’m experiencing in my marriage. You will also see how supportive and cultivating this community is.

I don’t know what your specifics are, but you have come to the right place to express yourself and hear from others, maybe you will feel less alone. Maybe there will be some tangible ideas/suggestions to help you.

Big hugs and an open heart :heart_decoration:

@Nadien @Lizz-6 We are all hear for you and to listen so if you want to elaborate some more on your current situation, please feel free to. Hoping you find some peace of mind and clarity soon and let your heart guide you.

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@Lizz-6 we are here for you! Whatever you’re feeling and going through, you definitely aren’t alone. I was pretty miserable for awhile but things weren’t soooo bad and it took me a few years to take action. Timing is a funny thing. You spend awhile telling yourself it’s not so bad and you can hang on, I did couples therapy, individual therapy… eventually, even the couples therapist told me it was time to leave and I knew it in my heart. The thing is when you make decisions out of love and abundance and no longer out of fear and uncertainty, everything changes. Sending you so much love and hugs xoxo.


Hi @Lizz-6 welcome to this great group of women. Not sure what your situation is, but I am sure that you’ll find the support you need right here.

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