Say you were going to invite over a guy to cook and for some sexy tunes. Does anyone have anything they like to cook? Drinks?


Well I would def say don’t do ribs :joy:

I feel like making sushi or pizza together could be fun. I do also love pasta maybe it’s the whole Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene that makes it cute and romantic. Well what’s not to love about Italian food?

I know people say oysters are an aphrodisiac but lately with all the norovirus around and plus not everyone likes that kind of thing…probably a skip!

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I’m a dietitian (although I don’t really practice in the traditional sense anymore), and the most practical answer I can give here is to make something light. You don’t want to be weighed down for sexy time. :laughing: Chicken with mushrooms served with pasta could give you a nice boost of carbs without being too dense. As for the drinks, I would ask him what he likes and have that available. When I was dating I always did that and it made the man feel very taken care of. I actually always have brandy on hand for my sweetheart. As for me, wine or champagne is my personal aphrodisiac. I would imagine that can be different for everyone though, so you do you. :champagne: :wink:


as a non cook, I have a surprisingly vast array of aprons and they’ve always been so well received, it didn’t matter what I was making. Kidding but serious! Men seem to really fetishize women in aprons. This doesn’t answer your question, but it has gotten me out of cooking on many occasions.


@as_per_danielle Did you end up doing the dinner date? If so, how did it go?

I agree with a lighter dinner, I don’t feel like getting it on if I’m having a food baby, have the meat sweats, or am in a carb coma. My man likes savory meats and lots of seafood, and he likes good wine or a nice gin or rum, so I pair according to what we’re eating. It is different for everyone, some people don’t like seafood, but we love it so I often make some savory seafood applies, nibble away the evening, have some drinks, and let things go where they go…

I can share some ideas, but not sure if this already happened, or if the person you’re cooking for likes seafood, or you do? I have a plethora of ideas either way, it just depends on what they like. Sometimes simple IS best, making homemade pizzas or pasta and salad together, etc!


Haha this is amazing…. I need to try the apron thing!!! In heels!!! :wink:


This one is from Antropologie in Canada, my browser will only show Mexico but Vancouver’s S Granville had tons. It even has POCKETS! I am obsessed. I play loose and fast with hot sauces so aprons have practical purposes, too.

ps trusting this safe space not to judge the abject chaos of my home


Hahaha you’re amazing! I love this pic! The apron is so cute too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m totally going to do the apron thing and see if it gets me a few more glances haha. Cute.


haha you look very wholesome - like you should be making apple pie or something LOL. Very cute


LOLOL appearances are deceiving :smiling_imp:


I love this, @Kimber that is awesome, you look great! Apron’s are practical and sexy, agreed.

I have been known to cook wearing only an apron and heels a couple of times back in the day.

Our anniversary is this week, this gave some retro inspo dusts off apron and plastic pumps


Happy anniversary! Hope your celebrations are fun and love-filled :heart:

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Happy anniversary!!! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::heart::heart:

Happy anniversary my friend!

Happy anniversary friend!!! XOXOXO

very cute! but why are wearing a top? :wink:

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actually, I like having the sex BEFORE dinner! as do some men I’ve dated with before, and currently. be cute in some lingerie, take a bath/shower, make a cocktail, pour a glass of wine… if you feel you want or need something to nibble on, something light like a seafood cocktail of some kind, or a light fresh cheese- not a huge charcuterie/fromagerie as that can be heavy- afterwards then yes! ooh…fresh figs stuffed with gorgonzola - baked… so. good. you can also wrap them with bacon if you like. also fresh figs, though hard to get good ones are great with a little prosciutto…mmmm… it really is nice to do it beforehand! then just relax over dinner talking through the night!


Oooh that is a lovely idea. Then you’re relaxed afterwards and maybe feel even more opened up…and then possibly round 2, 3… :kiss: :star_struck:

A little snack plate is great with all the different sweet, sour, spice notes.

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yes! there’s nice pillow talk being awake after and you can order in dinner, stay in bed if you want or whatever!

Ohhhhh i like the idea of sex before dinner… then you can use dinner and dessert to flirt and get hot and heavy again!!! :wink: