Bared, naked you!

When I turned 50, there were many changes in both my personal and professional lives. I was embarking on a whole new stage in so many ways. After hearing about nude beaches and clothing optional spas, i decided to bare all! I went to a great little place (owners have since retired) in Palm Dessert that had mineral water pools and a beautiful landscape. Loooooved the experience. One of the best in my life. Anyone else ever try it or want to?


Sounds amazing!!

As much as I love my curvy/strong body, I couldn’t do full public nudity. But I’m getting better at wearing what I want & feel good in…so baby steps.

I definitely won’t say never though :wink:

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wow I’m jealous you got to do that. I love mineral pools and that must feel so freeing. I’ve never done the bare it all swim so I need to add that to my list.

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It was amazing. I never knew that removing a small piece of fabric (bikini) could make such a big difference. Plus - no salt, no chlorine and, therefore, no goggles.

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just lovely. I would LOVE to do that at a waterfall provided the water is reasonably clean hehe

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I’ve actually gotten so much more confident about my body as I’ve gotten older. Zero Fucks Given now pretty much. I find less clothes more liberating. I’ve heard of a few places out by Palm Springs and Palm Desert and would love to check it out. You’ll have to PM me the info for the one you went to!

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I would but it’s closed!!! They retired. They were consistently tops on Trip Advisor. I’ll see if they can recommend something in the area though. I’ll get back to you.

Oh yes to a waterfall!!!

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I definitely drunk skinny dipped as a teenager at night while camping, but that totally doesn’t count :rofl:

I’d love to do a waterfall. I actually found one couple hours away last year that would be fun for sexy shoot, but also not full nude yet :wink: