Confession - attractive men

Ok most of you know I’m here on this surf trip and it’s the first time I’ve been on one where it’s mostly men besides me and two other women, one of whom is part of a couple here. There’s a couple of very physically fit men and they’re all super nice and easy to talk to and I’m going slightly mad for one of them. Mostly because they’re just so darn nice and fun to talk to, and the looks help too. I think as someone who has very little interaction with any males outside of my family and a handful of friends and neighbours, the interactions and attention has been…just so nice. I’m just finding myself really enjoying that. That is all :slight_smile:


Ha no harm in looking! It’s fun to remember that there are good looking, even captivating (cough worth going mad for) men out there, even if you’re happily partnered. Having limited non family male interaction is hard, especially if growing up, you were used to men in your life in all capacities. I have two older brothers, no sisters, and always felt extremely comfortable with the opposite sex, and downright flummoxed by females at times.

ENJOY yourself! You are beautiful, also captivating, funny, brilliant and I am sure they are loving every second of your company. They should be so lucky as to catch your eye, let alone a flutter of your heart.


I know I am a lover of all things DEI, but diversity in who we interact with, and how is so important to enjoying life and growing. I think my husband is one of the hottest men, I pined for him for years, but I see men who are super hot, and I will soak it all in, even more so if they are interesting and funny! No harm in looking, talking, basking, flaunting your gorge self, YASSSSS!!! Especially when traveling it is SO much of the experience, meeting new people, outside of our usual daily life. I’m so excited for you, and I can’t wait to hear about this trip :sunglasses: A word from the wise, if you’re with your partner, don’t ogle too much, I got busted BIG time once, and you know my man called me out big time, WHOOSHIT lol Noted, checked, and understood LOL!

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Yeah, you!!! Have fun!

Get it girl!! Lol

@PinkEdiVan @Kimber @KatherineH @carlz lol ok last night we sat next to each other at dinner and talked the whole time! It got me thinking about the laws of attraction, what makes someone attractive to someone, and why one gets those feelings of adrenaline and dopamine rushes. I’ll post some materials on that later but it’s fascinating! I was also trying to understand the signs of female flirting because I didn’t think I was trying to flirt but when I look back now at the interactions, I most definitely was. What do you ladies think? What makes someone you barely know attractive to you and what are flirting signals you send if you’re interested in someone?


Gah your words just MOVE me. seriously your last line “they should be so lucky as to catch your eye, let alone a flutter of your heart” is giving me serious goosebumps.

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Yes I can’t wait to catch up with you! LOL I can’t believe you got caught out with your partner there - that is bad!

It feels really refreshing to hear new stories, connect on common values and interests and just have some laughs. It’s nice to feel appreciated!

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Well have you met you? You’re phenomenal! I meant every word! And it’s a good attitude to internalize and exude, even if we don’t always feel it. Just have my lil voice in your ear, with adequate sass and appreciative awe that indeed, they are the lucky ones. :heart::four_leaf_clover:

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More more more! Living vicariously!
Good question, though. What makes someone attractive. Pheromones are a boring answer but I swear by them. Sometimes you can’t explain why, but all your juices start flowing and everything becomes intense and electric. When I was back in Van, a very handsome guy sent his friend I we to tell me his friend thought I was hot (flag; can’t buddy tell me himself? In any case). I’d barely seen him, but our eyes had crossed and there was something beyond his looks that intrigued me, glances, the way he moved (I was creeping him, too). Was it the what if factor, as obviously I’m married so could not do anything? There was a dopamine boost confirmed by his stuttering friend, though that simultaneously made the guy less hot because get some confidence.

I think the laws of attraction are based on delightful unknowns, a physical, aesthetic draw, and kinetic energy, like that exchanged when in close proximity.

That you were seated next to each other the whole time is good, though I don’t know the table configuration. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Where did you go? Was it a date place?

I think the extra allure to it is it’s a vacation and you already know you have something in common … And we’ll he probably doesn’t wear a shirt in the ocean doesn’t hurt anything :joy::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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I love this conversation, about those mysterious little reactions to our unique chemistry, and unexplainable connections that draw us to people and heat us up from the inside out :fire:

I always thought it was interesting, talking with friends who have a very specific type. I cannot pin point what I find sexy, and who I am attracted to, and I think having an open mind is better because you enjoy all kinds of hotness to feast our eyes on!

Looks are definitely part of it, but confidence, a sense of humor, emotional intelligence, good communication, compassion for people and animals, and a sense of curiosity and adventure is what locks me in on someone. OH, and good taste in food and music is SO important to me, not that we have to like the same things but having a love of these things matters to me.

Keep us posted, I love this for you, just a little bit of vacation flirtation, no harm in that. You’re hot, so even if you’re not flirting, they may read into it that you are, because they wish :wink:

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Awww yeah girl!! No harm in looking

I JUST had a conversation with my coach about this topic this afternoon. You prob know by now I don’t believe in absolute total monogamy and I am trying to apply to my love life the same concepts of infinite abundance that I apply to my life for wealth. I have always come at it from a place of feeling trapped and like my wings were clipped but now I’m trying to shift my beliefs and mindset.


So interesting! If you don’t mind sharing, what guidance does your coach provide on this topic?

It’s been a super fun week - letting loose and hanging out with all these very fabulous men. Single ladies out there - don’t lose hope! there are good men out there.