Considering Fertility Testing after 40

I am curious about the experiences others have had with fertility testing and local specialists, as I am late to the party, and now exploring this in my 40’s. I’m in the greater Vancouver B.C. area, and my doctor is retiring, so since I am still trying to get pregnant, she is sending me for a couple of tests: Pelvic ultrasound, and bloodwork. Then, she said I can talk to a fertility specialist to review the findings, and decide what steps I want to take from there. The risks are very high for various things to go wrong during ‘geriatric’ pregnancy (RUDE name IMO), so I find it a bit scary, but I want to keep trying a little longer and learn more.

I’ve always been very casual about getting pregnant, and I still feel we’ll be happy no matter what. Once I found my ‘person’ 10 years ago, I was enjoying having time together, and never felt a rush to marry or have kids. Life got busy, work got busy, selling a home, buying a home, getting married, taking care of an aging in-law, health issues with both of us, one thing after another and time flew by. We made a concerted effort when I was 38 and we married, to start properly tracking ovulation, and ‘trying’ harder. Then I started having seizures after mounting burnout at work, and went into a year of tests, to be diagnosed with epilepsy. That killed the mood to say the least. Often the mounting stress of caring for an aging in law was also often a major mood killer. Right after my 40th birthday in 2020 I got pregnant, but had 0 pre-natal care during the early stages of Covid. I felt so unsupported, though excited, but it ended in a second term miscarriage that was devastating. Also, a bit of a mood killer crying every day for a month or so after that, while working 10+ hours a day managing a team, pretending everything was ‘fine’.

SO, here I am, 42, and wondering what casual testing is worth the time, and looking for any local recommendations for clinics that are good, and general testing we can do that will not cost a fortune?! I just want basic information, and testing, and from there I’ll let nature do what it wants. I’m okay either way, but I do want to give it one last proper go, with more information than I had before :slight_smile: Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts and experiences, and any articles you find to be helpful, about getting pregnant in our 40s!


You know my story already but to reiterate, I was able to find out fairly quickly what my fertility was and what a plan of action could be by going to one of the fertility clinics in town. They did this scan that allowed them to see in real time how many egg follicles I had during a particular time in my cycle. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility - and I was told my insides or “maternal age” was much older for someone who was in early 30s at the time. Based on that and my husband also having diagnosed (which I also recommend you ask him to do), the clinic came up with an action plan.

It’s important to go and do this together as a couple so you can support each other. It can be a tough journey. Very emotional up and down. I can’t remember the cost of the initial consultation and testing but go check out some clinics in town and talk to them about it.


@ModLila Thank you, and I know I can count on your support, experience, and knowledge :sparkling_heart:

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Scarlet Society just posted a new article relating to reproductive health on egg freezing options after 40


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Wow that’s so cool that they can do real time fertility testing! That’s so good to know!!

Thanks for sharing! I went for an Ultrasound yesterday to see how things are looking, and help decide if I want to get something cooking :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh thanks for sharing!!! Keep us updated on what you decide!!!

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