Excited got my Sephora order!

Ladies I’m happy today because spring is in the air and I got my Sephora order; the first in a while. I listened to you (@as_per_danielle @SocalGirl ) and went for a neutral palette by Morphe instead of the pricy Charlotte Tilbury one. I haven’t tried it yet but the colours look like a good match although the case is a bit hard to open and close. I also picked up some Fenty lipgloss that is super shiny and sparkly and a Merit lipstick which has the most pretty packaging. I got some hair stuff too. All ready now just need to go on my shopping spree with a hefty gift card I have in hand :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to feel freshened up

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Ooooh that’s awesome!! I love getting presents in the mail, even if it’s ones I bought myself!

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I used my hair stuff last night and I can’t believe I’ve been holding out on getting proper hair mask and other products! Huge difference in eliminating frizz and flyways and my hair is way softer. I think during the height of the pandemic I really just let my hair routine go - I just thought, what’s the point?

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Did you get Olaplex?? That helped me in only one use!

ah I love Olaplex but I got Pureology which I also love. It’s so smooth and silky and not my usual crazy bird’s nest at the roots.

Ok so weird, I also only use either Olaplex or Pureology! I love Olaplex and I’m pretty diligent about using the whole system so it’s a 30 min process haha…