Finances Freedom Forties, Fifities and Beyond

This is a new category thread all about finances and money! For women entering midlife, it’s important that we understand money and how to gain financial freedom. Some of us will be in the peak of our earning years, others may be close to or already in retirement, and some of us maybe changing careers, going back to school, or stepping up our working hours after taking time away to care for loved ones or our families. Other among us may have emerged from divorce worse off financially or some of us may have inherited wealth and don’t know what to do with it.

Not everyone likes to talk about money but it’s important we educate ourselves on how to manage our finances so we can care for ourselves and enjoy financial independence.

Please add your resources, questions or comments here! I’ll kick us off with some links below:

Mastering Money in Midlife

Financial Independence for Women - Why it Matters

Best Financial Books for Women in 2021

What are you concerns about money and finances at this stage of life? What are your goals and to what extent have you reached them?

I’m really passionate about this topic. Too many women in my circle just are not financially independent and it’s so difficult. They rely on their husbands for everything and when things get difficult, they have no power and no independence. My father told me when I was a kid that I had to have my own money, no matter what I did. I’ve carried this with me my whole life. I will always make sure that daughter has her own money and a way to make her own money and never depend on anyone else. No matter how much you love or trust someone.

I feel it’s a topic that doesn’t always get enough coverage. @JADE if you have any suggestions of books, podcasts, YouTube channels or any other resource please share here! You’re always so insightful.