Funniest sex fails

I’ll start. I once decided I’d do an elaborate strip show for my guy. I dressed in my sexiest lingerie then, without really thinking it through, taped balloons onto myself (even as I write this, I think, “really?”). Anyway, the music started, and as I sashayed toward my guy, the balloons kept tripping me and busting. i started laughing so hard that I couldn’t stand anymore and tears ruined my gorgeous makeup. Super fun night but not as I planned, lol.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:Balloons…haha that’s good! There was a time I experimented with chocolate “paint” and strawberries and it was just plain messy and sticky and not very appealing at all. All I could think about was - heck no I’m not eating that after it’s been there!

Love it! I can see why chocolate would have appeal and then lose its appeal!!!

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I loved how I felt watching this show! I felt proud to be the wife I am and in other scenes I felt proud of my sexuality! It’s a great production of so many factors of our new gen life :purple_heart: