Getting Juicy

Wanted to start a topic to share where you find sources of pleasure. A resource for female-friendly books, websites, videos, podcasts - anything really where you find erotica and get turned on by.

As we know, much of the pornographic content out there seems to be made for the male gaze. We need more female friendly erotica out there.

One article to get us started:

Porn for Women: 30 Best Female Friendly Sites

Happy honey hour! :kiss: :strawberry: :watermelon:


I cannot wait to check out some of these. I might even share with my partner :wink:


Get it, girl! Sharing what turns you on is a wonderful and novel way to create intimacy with a partner and take things to a new level of excitement.


Awww thank you. I just signed up and made an account. I love to share my writing. I am happy to find a place that seems to support older women. He he I’m 59 and that is old in some circles. Cheers


Welcome to our community! We are all about support women in their second half of life. So much we can all learn from one another’s experiences too. How did you learn about Scarlet Society?

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