Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms here, to those who have mom’s still with us and those that have left us, to those who are aunties, mother-figures, teachers, caregivers, and animal carers. I hope you are taking the day to enjoy just being YOU and you get to relax or have some fun. I’m sending love also to those whom Mother’s Day can bring sadness and pain - whether you have struggled with infertility or have lost a child or a parent. These days can sometimes bring up strong emotions especially when others assume you have the same experience as they have on this occasion.

As a mom when I had younger kids, the best Mother’s Day gifts were basically time for myself to rest and re-cuperate. Flowers are nice but there’s nothing like an hour or two for yourself! Now that my boys are older, I love just hanging out with them and doing things together. I look forward to seeing my own mom tomorrow for a takeout lunch at my house.

If there are older moms out there in their 60s and 70s, tell me what you would love to receive on special occasions like this. :heart: :ribbon:


I’m only a fur mama! But my mom
Is on the way for coffee and I got her a nice planter.

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Aw Fur baby mamas are definitely mamas too. It’s a lot of caregiving for animals. I hope you and your mom had a great time together. I got my MIL a bottle of sherry and my mom a bottle of ice wine just to mix it up from the usual flowers and plants I buy them.

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Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day! My mom showed me how to be a mom and I’m so blessed to have a daughter in addition to my son and my transgender daughter :heart:

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