Has anyone seen Sex/Life on Netflix

Has anyone seen this show, Sex/Life, on Netflix? Billed as a show about sex with the female gaze. The show creator’s quote is resonating with me ““What this show is trying to say is that it’s ok to enjoy and express all sides of yourself,” explains Rukeyser. “We can be wives and mothers and also ravenous sex goddesses. It’s as if we’re supposed to enjoy sex when we’re young and then we’re supposed to leave that part of ourselves behind. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to say you adore your children and also miss that sexual, free part of yourself.”

Article About the Show

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Ohhhh yesssss. This was 1000000% me!!! I really resonated with many different aspects of the story. Plus, hot, tall music producer with an Australian accent - YES PLEASE!! #yummy

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I would add Mrs. Fletcher on HBO as one of my fave mini-series on midlife sexuality. Kathryn Hahn was brilliant in it and it was so surprising and raw. I think it’s based on a book and I still want to read that.

Mrs. Fletcher on HBO


Yes I saw it and loved it!! And it was recommended to me by a guy friend LOL

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I only saw one part…haha you know that part LOL … meant to go back & watch it but forgot. Will definitely go watch it after I finish this series.