Hey good looking.. whatcha got cooking?

Woah… that looks amazing… same, I wanna know what’s in the stuffed pepper!

Here is the stuffed pepper recipe

They are delightful and pretty low carb! I don’t always add the mushrooms


These are incredible. I’d there a software that I can copy or link these recipes and look it up later?

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If you go to copymethat.com … make an account it’s free … then add the icon to google chrome and when ever your in a recipe you just press the button to copy it and it saves it on your page … you can make a meal plan and shopping list from there!


Doing this now! Thank you!!!

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It’s great!

low carb is great!! they look so satisfying

They are pretty tasty … you can get low carb tortillas and chop the green pepper and make it a wrap

Thanks for sharing! I love low carb cooking creations. Stuffed peppers are so good, but I love this idea of doing Philly style, since mine are often more ground meat and tomato based, Italian flavors. I’m going to try this spin, yum!

It’s good!