Hot flashes! Help!

I recently turned 38 and have been having hot flashes recently. I think it’s a combination of my period and med changes, but I’m a bit worried it’s perimenopause. I’ll wake up and my legs are all sweaty. Any ways to cope?

Sometimes I think that western medicine doesn’t do a great job of giving us the full picture of our bodies and what’s happening with us. They tend to treat the symptom (hot flashes) instead of figuring out what’s behind them. Perhaps a visit with a functional medicine doctor might help get the big picture and give you some natural ways to treat or manage it. Here’s an article about functional medicine on Scarlet:

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I’m pretty clueless about hot flashes so was wondering what do they feel like? Is it all through the body or just various parts? This article from the NY Times on perimenopause was shared on our Scarlet FB group before - might be worth checking out. I have woken up before at night with sweats but I notice that times with ovulation which I believe makes your body temperature go up

Take This Hot Flash and Shove It

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