How To Develop New Passions In Life

It’s so important to not lose the sense of who we are as a person even after we have married, divorced, had kids, or experienced other life changes. Sometimes doing something new and terrifying is the best way to rediscover yourself and find a new passion. I know it’s never too late to start something and just learn! During the pandemic I went back too to some of my old hobbies that I had let go of and really discovered the joy of doing those things. Are there things you want to try or have started in your mid life that’s new to you?

How To Develop New Passions In Life

I used to have a girl friend who would always get upset when her husband took a hunting trip wirh his buddies. I was like, girl, go get your own hobbies and go on your own trips!

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I feel like this is SO important, and I am trying to get better at making time for things that I enjoy on my own, not just with my partner. During the pandemic, getting back into regular exercise, hiking, and just going for walks and swims has been a life saver. I like my bubble bath and podcast time, almost every day, I love true crime and scary stuff and having time along to just chill. One thing I REALLY want to do more, is enjoy learning new things, even if I suck at them. In my 20s, I tried all kinds of crazy stuff like adventure travel, bungee jumping, ziplines all over the world, tattoos, dance, djing, and I didn’t care how good I was. As I got older, these perfectionist ways crept in, and I want to leave that behind. I love to sing, dance, learn martial arts, and new languages. I’m trying to not fuss about if I suck at these things, and hopefully now that things are safer, I can get out and join more things again. I think it makes your relationship better when you have shared interests and your own. Also, if I didn’t have my partner for any reason, I would have my own life, friends, family, purpose. I just LIKE doing most things with him, but I think its also because I have a lot of time to myself, and spend a lot of time doing things for me.