Hypnotherapy ..The Good , The Bad, The Helpful

Has anyone tried Hypnotherapy for anything they are struggling with??

I saw a site that had a couple programs for half off and I said what the hell might as well try it … if it helps it helps right
Have any of you tried this via audio recording or in person ?


I haven’t tried professional hypnotherapy but I do listen to Spotify meditations that resemble hypnotherapy. There’s definitely something to it. The mind is so powerful and what we believe IS our truth. I actually tried to do hypnobirthing fir my first delivery but it went out the window once the contractions got bad haha.

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Well I’ll be the guinea Pig and see what happens lol

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I’m very interested so keep me posted! What are you hoping to achieve, if you don’t mind to share?

I have started listening to some guided meditations and hypnosis type things on YouTube the last couple of years, and found some to be really good. I ruminate and overthink horribly, and the last couple of year have had some bad anxiety and stress, so this is where I turn to this stuff as much as I can.

The Mindful Movement has awesome mediation, but also some helpful sleep hypnosis and hypnosis for making changes etc. with Sarah Raymond on TMM. Michael Sealy also has a good one for sleep hypnosis, I listen to on YouTube if I cannot sleep.

There was a sale so i actually got a couple things … stress anxiety sleep confidence and weight loss … thought what the hell worth a try lol

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