I'm off on a life challenge today!

Just wanted to drop in and say I’m super excited today as I start my journey to Costa Rica for a long awaited surf trip. I’m going to a premier surf camp that I’ve waited for 2 years to go and it’s one of the world’s places to improve your surfing. I will be pushed to my limits physically and mentally too and I really hope I can improve and also have a wonderful time. I’m excited but also nervous a bit and I don’t want to get psyched out or put too much pressure on myself. I always overthink!

Any advice to calm my nerves are appreciated! Or just words of support.


Just breathe & remember to appreciate the whole adventure!

Enjoy each moment & savour the new sand under your feet, the ocean water on your skin & feel the joy in your soul! No matter what, the experience itself is going to be something to remember :ocean::surfing_woman::heartpulse:

Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure & look forward to seeing some pics!

Girl have so much fun … so jelly!! Also badass!

Let us know how it goes!!!

Hi ladies @carlz @Nadien Well it’s been 3 days so far of lessons and I’m learning lots and getting pushed to my physical and emotional limits. I have some serious frustration today but I’ve had some good highs too. I’m trying to stay calm but tbh I’m kind of agitated right now and not feeling like myself. Anyways I’m stop my rambling now :slight_smile:

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Sending you good vibes!!!

Shake it off, do some deep breathing & reset yourself. Go at it fresh & confident…you can’t control the past but you can go forward without it holding you back.

So proud of you!! just do your best and you won’t have any regrets. You got this :+1:

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Yeah breathe deep and take your agitation out on the waves !