Ladies! Who are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow? Our Faves below

Let’s share our favourite IG accounts that we follow! Some of our faves are below:

  1. @InBedWithLisa -

Lisa is a sex educator and she makes exploring topics like bondage, kink, and pleasure fun and safe. You might have seen she made some fun clips for us recently, like this one, and this one.

  1. Carrie Pyle Lawrence

Carrie writes about life after divorce, including dating and parenting advice

  1. @RACHEL Rachel Molenda

Rachel is a mindset coach who believes in transforming your life through your thoughts. @RACHEL also recently led and hosted our discussion board thread on Orgasms and how to overcome mental blocks that might be preventing you from experiencing them

  1. Sex and Psychology - Justin J Lehmiller
    Justin runs the very popular podcast Sex and Psychology. His show is a deep dive into sexuality from a brain science and psych perspective.

  2. Melissa Kalil

Melissa is a divorce coach and she is here to help inspire, support, and empower you through your separation. Melissa has been a guest on our Scarlet Society podcast on why you need a divorce coach.

Please share your favourite instagram, Tiktok, or podcasts that you follow! We would love to hear from you.

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Thanks for sharing these!

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