Lasers for Legs - Has anyone zapped unsightly veins?

Hi SS crew,

I have considered laser treatment for the varicose and spider veins I have sadly developed over the years. They started out not too bad, but as I have gained and lost weight many times, spent a lot of time in the sun, and inherited these issues from everyone in my maternal lineage, I am at the point where it’s really bothering me. After losing over 70 pounds, I have felt better and more myself again, confident in my old dresses and swim suits, and I LIKE my muscular legs, but these damned VEINS…they just make me sad.

I’ve had no other ‘work’ done ever, I look and feel better than I ever have in most ways, and I am happy being my curvy and natural self. This is the one thing that I just hate, and I have heard in the Vancouver area there are some Laser Clinics that can treat both types of veins, but it seems like doctors only consider this cosmetic, since I don’t have circulation issues or pain. They are just so ugly to me, so I would love to hear if anyone has recommendations, or personal experience with these treatments in general?

Thanks everyone! I was considering tattoos over some of them, but apparently that is not the best idea, and they have spread so I’m not sure I want to add THAT much ink to what I have already LOL

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I’ve only used laser treatment for sun spots (freckles) - I went to Arbutus Laser as you know, our good family friend is one of the resident doctors there and I trust him with all things face and medicine! The laser treatment was considered a mild one, and it still hurt pretty bad. I had to use this cream for a few months prior to the treatment which was mildly annoying, and I had to try to stay out of the sun which is so hard for me.

The results: I LOVED it. My skin was so soft and many of my freckles were zapped or at least lighter. Unfortunately it doesn’t last and now 2 years later many of my freckles are back although not as dark.

I don’t know specifically about leg veins but I can imagine it will be painful. I know they do tattoo laser removal and from those who have done it, it really really hurts. So if it’s something you want to do, be prepared! I would suggest you make some appointments to a one or two laser clinics for an initial consultation. They can tell you best based on your condition what laser treatments are best for you. Consults are usually free but check beforehand.

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Thanks @ModLila that is good to know. The sun damage/blotches on my face are the other thing I want to treat at some point in the near future! That is good to know. I don’t want to put myself through too much pain, or too much expense, but for the veins and the sun damage natural treatments don’t do much.

If anyone has any experiences to share I’m all ears, or any vein treatments/locations that are recommended. I’ve had a consultation years ago at Vancouver Laser Center and it was good. I’ll likely contact them again to get some basic pricing and options, but the PAIN thing is a good question, I just assumed it wasn’t painful. I have some large tattoos and had several piercings, so I’ll probably be okay, but I don’t want to do anything too dramatic to my skin…

Thanks XOXO

I haven’t had vein work done but I just wanted to give you a note of support and say go girl, do whatever you want to help you feel like you are the best you can be. I am ALL about any and all treatments and procedures that build your confidence! Also, varicose veins can become a serious health issue and it will likely get worse over time with continual pressure. It’ll weaken the vein walls and bulge. I had a friend who had it pretty bad. So, it’s not just vanity!!

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@JADE Thank you for your support as always! :revolving_hearts:

I am getting a new family doctor taking over for mine who retired soon, so I’m going to ask her about this. I am hoping that since the veins have gone from superficial spider veins, to spreading all over more and some turning into vericose, that she can maybe support me to get SOME treatments for health reasons. If nothing else I’ll get her input on options in general and what to consider.

I’ve come so far on my journey of self improvement both mentally and physically, so I deserve to look and feel my best, and zapping the veins and sun damaged skin would make me feel SO good :dancer: