Long Distance Love

Any tips on navigating long distance relationships? Our fam is going to be split up for the next year or so due to changing work conditions and it means my spouse and I are going to be apart for anywhere from weeks to a month maybe at a time. The kids are missing him already so much and we are FT’ing as much as possible. I’m fairly independent but there’s no doubt we are missing him already so much in our family dynamics.


I think FT is a great idea. As for the two of you as a couple, have some play over video and phone!

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We are setting up a virtual lego build on Saturday - we have this educational lego system that requires coding also (they’re robotic lego) so my partner is going to do that with them.

We try to FT during mealtimes too so it feels like he’s eating dinner with us


Aww that’s so hard. From experience, you guys will all adjust and do great even though it’s tough. Sometimes it helps to make you appreciate what you have, and distance makes the heart grow fonder :slight_smile: Definitely FaceTime and talking on the phone. I love talking on the phone and it’s a totally lost art. There are some really fun sexy solutions also that are fun to explore :slight_smile: Sending sexty messages and talking about what you’re going to do to each other builds up so much sexual tension haha.

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This is a tough one, I have had long distance time periods in a previous relationship, but that was already when I was wanting distance from that person moving towards a breakup.

FT, having virtual meals, virtual playdates, chats, or even watch parties to watch movies together maybe could be fun? I am old school, I find a simple phone call sometimes adds a little something, that video chat doesn’t. Sometimes I find video chats distracting, if that makes sense. Maybe because I’m vain LOL Sending some sexy pics is fun! I do that on occasion, but never show TOO much, because I think that is hotter, and also then if someone accidentally sees it it’s racy, but not full on naked lol

You guys are so strong, so you will figure it out, and I’m always here if you need support as well or even some help with the kids, a chat, or some company :kissing_heart:

Thanks everyone! Well so far so good and he’s going to back in 2.5 weeks time for a few days. We are talking frequently but quite honestly nothing kinky going on lol he is working like mad and I am super busy and just done by 9PM when the kids go to bed. Maybe later on but for now we are just keeping super connectedly emotionally.

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well update on this as we are now over a month into this! There have been challenging days and sometimes I feel like I have taken on too much but overall it’s worked out well so far. He came back a few weeks ago and we had a great visit and he’s back in another week’s time. We tried out some exploratory things on cam and it wasn’t as weird or awkward as I thought it would be. I look forward to just being in his arms again soon and having his energy around the house! While it’s hard being separated we are both so busy time is flying by.


Awww absence makes the heart grow fonder!!! <3