Long Distance Update

Just an update on how things are going with doing the long distance thing since my husband is working and traveling back and forth out of country. It’s been 3 months so far and definitely challenging but not terrible. We were able to take advantage of the summer break to have more family time together but this fall is going to be tricky. In essence, we are going to be a like passing ships between work, family life and school responsibilities. It may be one of the toughest tests yet of our marriage. So far I feel good and we’ve been trying keep connected while apart. And when we’ve been together, it’s been that much more appreciated.

I have been thinking a lot about the idea of being “in tune” with one another - it was from the latest Scarlet podcast on Bedroom Boredom. In short, relationships become stronger when partners are in tune to one another’s needs, desires, and wants rather. It might be a little thing you do or say to your partner but those actions make all the difference in making them feel loved and special. And THAT helps keep things spicy and hot in the bedroom.

I love this idea so will be incorporating it into our daily interactions from afar.

Awww 3 months already… it must be tough… when do you think you guys can be back together again? Being in tune with each other’s needs is so important. One thing I’ve learned recently is that he cannot read my mind and I need to work on communicating. This has been and is so hard for me. Even when say or drop hints that I think are very obvious, he doesn’t pick up on it and I’m realizing that I need to communicate better and not make assumptions.

Just over 4 weeks today for us to be together! Might look into the cheap airfares for me to go down for a weekend sometimes but it’s hard leaving the kids at home. However when we are together, let’s just say there’s no bedroom blues!!

Great point about keeping the communication clear. It’s true - they can’t read minds! He’s very good about calling often (usually multiple times a day) and trying to connect and I admit I’m worse. I’m not always giving our FT calls the full attention it deserves because I’m doing a thousand things at once. And he can tell! But we have the best intellectual convos and it’s always been that way and that helps us stay connected to each other and the issues we are going through.

He’s not one that’s easy to compliment because he’s a big joker and not a very typically romantic guy.

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