Making the first move

You were flexible and offered up an option… it’s a 2 way street time to man up and realize your a catch


He’s the one who cancelled so he’s the one who should have presented another option. Since you did then, in the future and to quote Carlz, it’s time he “manned-up”.


Good fir you for sticking to your values!


hhhmmm. welp. intersting. it’s new so don’t put all your eggs in one basket- keep dating even if they’re not what you think you want- it’s VERY good and instructional to date different types of men. and also be patient. there really is not a play book. make the journey of discovering what it is / will be / or won’t be, part of the fun. also guys are REALLY simple! lol. don’t overthink it- we chics are so good at that! which is also ok! good luck and let us know!