I came across this interesting published study about metabolism and aging, and to my surprise, our metabolism only slows down after the age of 60. Previously I had thought it started to really slow down as a women around age 40 and from the onset of periomenopause and after menopause but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Any thoughts about this?

A couple of articles on this topic below:
BBC Metabolism Article

What We Think We Know About Metabolism May Be Wrong

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Interesting articles and the studies seem thorough. I can’t tell if my metabolism has changed much, but I do know that gravity is real. My muscles and skin have loosened, which has resulted in muffin top even though I’m slim. I’ll have to really work on my personality now, lol!

This is interesting, thanks for sharing! I just assumed that since ‘people’ always imply that after your 30’s your metabolism is crappy and slow, that this was the truth. ‘They’ say that. Also, anyone I know who entered into peri/menopause seemed to gain weight, and have far more trouble losing it. I just assumed this was the case…hmmmm.

In my experience, I gain weight much faster and easier into my 40’s, BUT, I was able to successfully lose about 75 pounds, between 38 and 42! For me, it was about being more active and eating better, and it was hard but not THAT hard. It was about making a commitment, being accountable, and just sticking it out through the ups and downs. I’m still in them, but it works, I do not think my age had much to do with it.

As I got older, and busier with life, I just found that I moved way less and ate way more, so that was really the issue. When I am happy, I celebrate with food, when I am stressed, I enjoy food, and I got sluggish working at home for many years. Once I started exercising regularly, and eating less, with better food choices, the weight did start to come off, so I don’t think my AGE was a factor, it was more life distracting me from my body and health. I am not naturally a fitness person, I have to push myself, but I love being outside so that is my jam now, get out and get moving, or go swimming in our pool. I still feel like hormones DEF play a part in water weight, bloat, looking/feeling chunkier than normal, storing more fat and less muscle, but these are my opinions, not facts I know…

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