Motivation tips

Hi ladies! Do you have a list in your head some days but just can’t get yourself going. What are your tips to get yourself motivated?! I like the “just start and do it badly” one that my psychologist recommended. Any others? While this coffee kicks in!

I know I procrastinate when I get that feeling when I can’t get started. So I remove distractions. Turn off phone notifications, close other browsers, find a quiet space where I won’t be interrupted.

Sometimes though I require physical exercise or movement so a short brisk walk gets the blood moving. Fresh air always revitalizes too.

Depending on the project or what I’m trying to do, I might look for inspiration from my colleagues. Maybe chat them up and try to break down what the barriers of why I’m getting stuck. Maybe I don’t have enough information, or I’m not understanding the instructions. Getting to the root cause of why I’m stuck can help.

Sometimes I’ll just get a pen and piece of paper and start jotting down anything.

Hope this helps!

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