Older Women + Younger Men

This is a topic I can’t get enough of and secretly wish I could have first-hand experience myself :blush: There are quite a few celebrities right now dating younger guys: Kim K and Pete Davidson, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. I have so many questions - Have you had a relationship with a younger man? Do younger men like older women? What are women looking to get out of these relationships? What are the benefits and drawbacks of being with a younger stud? Does it have to end in heartbreak? :broken_heart: Share your stories!


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I decided to be totally open minded after my divorce and when I started dating again. It was super interesting, I found that so many men just really didn’t care about age or loved dating older women. I love that I no longer care about finding someone to procreate with and can just have fun and enjoy. It can totally work!


I have dated much older and much younger, as well as the same age as me, and married someone a few years older than me. I think it is best to have an open mind. When dating a much younger man, the fun new places and music he introduced me to were awesome, as was the sex, most of the time. When it came to actual conversation, and more elevated sex and connection this was not the right person for that, but it was a fun booty call while it lasted! When I was with someone my age, there was more connection emotionally, far more common interests, and WAY better sex because he was confident and not self-centered. Dating older people, there can be more intellect, more you can learn from them, and let’s face it, there are some Silver Foxes, right?! I say, whatever turns your crank, go for it. There are pros and cons in any situation, it is more about the person, and what you want out of the relationship with them. If everyone’s needs are met, game on!


I prefer sleeping with or dating younger men. My current partner is 5 years younger than me. The main reason being that any relationship I’ve had with an older man has been abusive in one way or another. In my experience, they’ve been domineering and dismissive of me and my intellect, career choices, how I dressed, etc. I also just dont find most of them to be physically attractive.
Ive found younger men to be the opposite. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been jaded by past relationships, I’m not sure. I have a strong personality and am very opinionated and know exactly what I want, and in my experience, younger guys are just so much more easy going and relaxed. They are the perfect compliment to me, and help me loosen up a bit. It’s also an ego thing, like, who wouldn’t want to be considered attractive/hot to younger men?
Every younger guy I’ve dated has said they prefer older women because they have their shit together and don’t play games, or need to cause drama. Also, the sex is better. When my boyfriend and I started dating he had mentioned to me that he had bragged to his roommates that sleeping with an older woman was amazing.
I know everyone has different experiences, so this may not be the case with everyone. For me though, i couldnt go back to dating an older man, it just doesnt do it for me.


I am 100% with you on allllllll those fronts!!!


I also tend to be attracted to guys a but younger. On Hinge they are SO young thiugh, like 22!!


lol would you draw a line at an age or is it all fair play as long as you are attracted to the person?

I find a lot of men in their 20s very attractive on looks only. The WORST though was one summer my kids were enrolled in a day camp and their teacher/camp coach was super sweet and thoughtful with them and pretty fit and attractive. I figured he was a college or university aged man doing this as a summer gig but at the end of the camp I found out he was just graduating HS! Can you imagine how mortified I was to even have thought he was attractive? :joy: :grimacing: :smile_cat:


Omg!!! That’s crazy! Yes looks but what do you talk about?!

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LOL yeah it was a huge yikes for me I almost wanted to slap myself a little

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I just want to say…

18 is LEGAL :speak_no_evil::rofl: :rofl: :grimacing: :grimacing: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :laughing:

OY!!! :grimacing: Way way way cringey!! :skull: :rofl:

I’ve dated younger, older and about much age as well and am totally with you on all of this.