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I stumbled across this twitter thread today about terrible first dates and started thinking about dating in your 20’s versus dating in your late 30’s or 40’s. How much would you put up with versus now, having standards and being accomplished in life?

For example, the starting tweet of this thread was about a date at a sushi restaurant. It was a first date and they went to a sushi restaurant for dinner, she got up to use the washroom and when she came back she had noticed that her date ate an entire sushi roll off of her plate!

How would you react to that kind of situation? What were some horrible or funny dates you’ve encountered?

For me, it was a tinder date that I had met in Calgary. He wanted to come pick me up and take me out for dinner. From talking to him online, he seemed like an intelligent guy and his pictures gave the impression of someone who had good hygiene and took care of themselves.

When he showed up to pick me up, I could smell the weed wafting out of his car and all the way to the entrance of my apartment building. So, already not impressed. I get into the car and it’s an absolute disaster. Garbage everywhere, the back seat looked like the beginnings of a hoarders situation. He looked like he hadn’t showered in days (and smelled like it to), and his clothes were super baggy (personally I hate that style) and they looked like they hadn’t been washed in days.

He says he wanted to surprise me by taking me to a nice place for dinner. During the ride to the restaurant he starts talking about how he only works part-time because he’s focusing on his rap career (he is white), and that him and his friends tour Canada and someday they’ll make it big. He starts playing one of their CD’s and it was the most god awful stuff I have ever heard. He asked me if he could freestyle rap for me, but I politely declined, I said that wasn’t necessary. Thankfully we had just arrived at the restaurant and it was a buffet style, stir fry restaurant called Mongolie Grill. Long story short, we ate dinner and he asked me to come back to his place or mine and I again politely declined and said goodbye. No, there was not a second date lol!

That’s just one of many awful stories, and I’m sure we can all relate and have some of our own.

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Omg Nikki I have had so many bad dates! I literally took a year off dating and then covid happened so it’s been like 3 years and I’m starting again older and wiser!

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:grin: great story haha I love the big reveal was Mongolie Grill. At least he wasn’t a total psychopath or anything - just probably clueless and not very clean. I wonder if he ever made it big with his music? :sweat_smile:

I’ve been spared internet dating since I met my husband in college and I only dated a handful of men before him. I’ve had some truly horrendous awkward dates though and I chalk it up to inexperience on both sides and just general weirdness! One of the worst ones I remember having was this dude that just used to hook up with me but decided we would try to go on normal date. We had nothing in common and I started laughing so badly in the middle of it because it was so comically bad. I said I was going to go home LOL

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Come on Danielle I know you got good ones - spill it!! :rofl:

Oh man. I’ve had a guy show up in dirty ripped t shirt and be like “it’s laundry day”… like you’re supposed to be making a good first impression!!


I had a guy who needed to stop by the 7-11 on the way to dinner to cash his check. Poor guy, I felt really bad having him pay for dinner!


I’m honestly speechless. This is hilarious and cringey.


i went to dinner and a movie with a guy … he chose chipotle so he he knew what his macros were … in the movie he was kinda aggressively handsy … while holding my hand i felt his pocket vibrate he moved my hand to grab his phone and check tinder … reply to a couple messages … actually got up twice to answer a call so the 2nd time i got up and moved to the other side of the theater he was so confused when he came back … He actually waited till the end of the movie to see where i went … tried to walk me to my car … i declined …he said he would call me when he got home … its been a good 6 years lol


That is awful and so rude he’s checking tinder while with you! Yikes. LOL have to laugh at the macro thing

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oh he was an idiot lol but yeah I didn’t partake in the macro controlled buy your own chipotle lol


By the way, I used to write online dating profiles for a living. If you go to the site, you’ll find some interviews that may help you catch red flags and prevent any of your own. The interview on breakfast TV has some tips that I especially like: Kate Houston gives profile writing advice on TV and radio.Online Dating profile and LinkedIn Profile Writing.

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That’s amazing!!! Writing online define profiles professionally… Give our ladies some tips!!!

Haha. It’s an amazing job and I’ve “e” met some great clients. For tips, just listen to the interviews and read some of the blogs. A lot of stuff there that I hope helps!

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@SocalGirl I can attest Katherine is an amazing writer and while I have not used her services for dating she has a wicked sense of humour and is able to concisely sum things up with such style

That is really nice to say. Thank you so much!

Btw as I’m reading some posts, I hope you don’t mind that I make suggestions regarding safety.

I truly do not recommend that you go in a car with a new date - not for about three dates. I also wouldn’t suggest that you have a date get you at your home.

For the first date, meet in a public place and never leave your drink unsupervised. For the second and third, keep it safe as well.

We all think we have good judgment and often we feel “paranoid” for exercising too much caution particularly with people who seem decent. But it only takes one and it can ruin your life as you know it.

I also suggest that you not skip the email/chat process. People think that they’ll know if there’s chemistry when they see each other. In fact, you’ll have better chemistry if you allow some chat, anecdotes and fun exchanges happen to break the ice so that it’s not awkward, basic conversation when you meet.

More importantly, those early exchanges throughout a week or two, can help you catch inconsistencies and red flags.

I’m a big one for online dating. I’ve had clients meet and marry. But the process can keep you safe and elevate your chances of success.

Sorry if I sound like an overprotective mom!


I always request a FaceTime or WhatApp video chat before meeting up. There is just so much you can gather from seeing a person on video that you can’t on chats or even the phone. I’ve saved myself from a couple really bad situations by insisting on a video call. If they won’t do one, that’s a big red flag for me.


These are great suggestions. It’s important to stay safe even if people think that is “paranoid” it doesn’t matter.

I like the idea of doing a video chat before! Now that we have so much accessible technology, why not use it? I agree too if someone jives with you in an online chat, then they’re more likely to be compatible when you meet in person.

Video chats are great especially if you can see a bit of what the person’s environment is. That too allows you to scope them out, as well as find aspects on which to bond.

I just saw this now, after I answer @ModLila! Totally agree with you!