Pelvic floor health - it’s never too early!

Hello all you amazing ladies! I’m gonna be super vulnerable here. So I decided I wanted to open discussion on pelvic floor health. Finally it’s getting more normal to talk about & it’s better to ask early & be proactive about it!!!

I was always told after popping out a couple kids I’d never be able to sneeze normally again etc but I laughed it off but also took it serious. Ps I had very traumatic deliveries. Then all of a sudden last year I had some control issues after a horrible cold (deep lung but not covid) with endless coughing sessions. Enough where I just wanted daily liners just in case (not comfortable at all). I kept doing my Keigels & just thought wtvr…never talked about it much.

Then it got brought up last year when I saw this hilarious yet true TikTok as it had a lady show clips of her doing daily things including sneezing, laughing or jogging & then it’d cut to her dressed up as her va-j-j & she’d just start spitting out water randomly…anyways it was hilarious and it opened some great discussions in the comments. I showed it to my sister who reminded me that my mother had bladder issues also - even a bladder prolapse that required netting to hold it in place.

People talked about how they had issues in their 20/30s post baby or post trauma and about pelvic floor rehab & how much it helped them…so I decided to learn more. I finally saw a local person in January, she’s literally a specialized physiotherapist, she was the most kind & caring person I ever met. She heard all my concerns & worries & did a very thorough external & internal exam - the best part is she asked for consent at every step (not all heroes wear capes & all drs need to be trained like that).

Anyways, I learned so much!! Turns out my pelvic floor strength is very very good. And I don’t have any signs of what my mother had. But all my Keigels were just covering the large areas of muscles, there were smaller muscle groups that had experienced so much trauma they had kind of forgot how to work…she explained different exercises I could do to isolate & focus on those important smaller areas. Also I had to learn how to retrain my brain to recognize true need vs fear of emptying constantly to avoid issues. Fast forward few months later and it’s way way better…definitely not yet back to 100% but greatly improved!

Anyways, she was like I’m so glad you & many others are coming to see us earlier vs waiting until it’s further gone & the recovery is harder.

I figure if I tell one person my experience & they take steps to improve their quality of life/freedom earlier then it’s 100% worth it. This is a safe space after all.

Also, always willing to hear about more/other things to strengthen your pelvic floor, besides Keigels…I know I’ve heard of yoni eggs? Or something like that but haven’t done much research on them.


Thanks for starting this very relatable and important topic. Although I had a C for my kids, I felt my pelvic floor was weakened somehow also afterwards. Not sure why maybe just even the pressure that was being all exerted down in there during pregnancy. I went through a brief period where after intense exercise I was experiencing some leakage. It seems to have resolved now and I’ve never understood it but it was definitely embarrassing. The worst was once I had finished a surf session and it was happening :woozy_face:

I had heard about those eggs too - has anyone tried them?

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Wow thank you for sharing! That’s so interesting! Did you do something to test your pelvic floor strength? I do pee a tiny bit sometimes when I sneeze but it’s never really alarmed me. I have what I think of as strong orgasms so assumed it was strong down there, but I actually don’t really know! I did the Votiva laser, a series of 3, last year and that supposedly helps with pelvic floor heath. I do feel like I have to pee a lot more than my kids do but I think that’s also because I drink more water haha. I do have yoni eggs but haven’t tried them yet…

Great topic, thank you for bringing it up!