Periods always zap the life out of me

Does anyone else just feel so low energy, grumpy and just generally unattractive when you get your period? It’s always the worst the day before and the first day or two. How can I avoid the lows? I also get cramping too and I take Tylenol for it and that helps but overall I just get so cranky. Are there natural supplements I can take to boost my mood or help manage it so I’m evened out a bit more?

i get super zapped too … Ive been so tired this week … when you find out the cure please let the class know lol … magnesium , calcium and vitamin e should help and limiting coffee , fat, salt ,sugar and alcohol… so all the stuff we really want lol

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I have the Mirena IUD and I don’t get periods anymore. It literally has been so life changing. I never have acne either. I LOVE IT.


lol I know right I always want chips and sweets around that time and I’ve been told that’s NOT what I should be eating if I want to alleviate these symptoms.

I eat dark chocolate (I like Trader Joe’s chocolate bars) since it helps increase serotonin, and make sure I exercise for endorphins.
Also tried taking Mg+/Zn but not sure if I noticed a difference.

Sometimes just crying it out helps :sweat_smile: :rofl: (have also noticed my skin looks better after crying (!?) )

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