Positive Practices or routines?

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!! Back to the weekday grind…much too fast it always seems. Pre-pandemic I would do restorative yoga Sunday nights & reset for the week. But I gave up my monthly passes long ago & it’s not an option now.

Now I try to incorporate small things throughout my day to stay positive & focus on gratitude. Some things I do now are taking few extra mins thanking animals in the morning before feeding them & starting the busy morning hustle. When I walk away from my desk at end of day, I stop and stretch with a few extra cleansing breathes to reset before engaging with family.

What are some of your daily practices to stay positive?


Happy Monday and hopefully everything has found their right gear after some of us had daylight savings time switch. I felt extra groggy yesterday and this morning!

I love your idea of thanking your animals in the morning! I find hugging my animals produces so much endorphins and makes me feel happy. Even the smell of my doggie makes me happy.

Last night I made an effort to have a FT call with a friend which really lifted my spirits. As you saw in my other thread on Anxiety that I’ve been experiencing it a lot lately and that really helped. Today I’m trying to keep things under control - I will take a break to do some deep breathing and since the kids are home from spring break right now I’ll fit in some snuggle and giggle time with them. They always make me laugh.

I should start a gratitude practice in the morning too - I CAN DO THIS I CAN DO THIS I CAN DO THIS!!


Hello! Here are some things I have put into my routine, to help stay positive, and manage stress:

  • 10 minute morning mindfulness meditation, or shorter period of breathing exercises (I love Mindful Movement on YouTube, or Headspace)

  • Kitty snuggles while my coffee brews, during and after coffee, as part of our morning routine with our cat

  • Walk outside, or run inside on the elliptical every day, for at least 20-60 minutes, whatever I can fit in

  • Breathing exercise and listing things I am grateful for at bedtime, thinking about my health, family, husband, home, kitty, loved ones, safety and security, etc.

Swimming and baths help a lot, and moving around stretching, taking deep breaths whenever possible. Watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race when I am feeling insecure, or like everything around me is negative, it snaps me out of it :rainbow: (insert clip here of Cher saying: snap out of it!)


I’ve been learning and researching more on the concept of the subconscious mind and the power of it. This has translated into a desire to learn more about how to program and understand the subconscious. It’s fascinating. I’ve been on a mission to learn how to journal in a way that feels satisfying for me, how to write down my manifestations, and how to spend a few minutes before bed meditating. Also, surfing. Surfing is my therapy, it’s my ultimate form of self care and there’s nothing like the ocean to heal me.


I cannot wait to get back out on the water!!! Way up here in the north there’s still ton of ice on the lakes :cold_face: As soon as I’m able I’ll be kayaking :heart_eyes:. I’m usually one of the first ones in the lake by late May. It’ll be warm enough to swim through til early September before the cool fall air sets back in.

Until then I’ll have to try to improve all my small acts of kindness to myself as I’m still hibernating at home.


Sounds invigorating kayaking in those icy lakes! I’ve only kayaked a few times in my life on the coast and it’s a terrific workout. There’s such wilderness and beauty to be explored everywhere and I find being in the ocean always lifts my spirits. Let’s look forward to warmer days very soon!