Principles of Pleasure - NETFLIX!

I watched the first episode of this last night with my boyfriend and it was so fascinating!!! Excited to watch episodes 2 and 3!!! You all should watch it and tell me what you think. I learned so much and I actually thought I knew what there was to know lol. I had no idea that orgasms were a collection of about 6-8 contractions. I actually put my hand down there when I was using a vibrator to see if I could feel it from the outside and I totally could! It felt like little waves under my hand, it was so cool. Hope that wasn’t TMI haha


I have this one on my list, I’m going to check it out. Not TMI, no! I feel like I still have a LOT to learn about my body and sex, so it’s nice to have a safe platform to talk and learn and listen. Life gets so busy, but this stuff is important. I feel like I need to start doing sexual homework, so I do not turn into a boring sex drone LOL Tuning in shortly…thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing. I just put this on my watch list now. Complex world of woman’s pleaseure. Lovely. To the 1st person - no not overshare. I’ve got so much to learn myself… I’m 59 I just saw myself “down there” two years ago. Lol t that might be overshare or maybe just very sad. :rofl:


Ginaq- wow amazing… good for you, it’s never too late, right?! What happened to make you realize it was something missing in your life? Think about how many women live their lives without pleasure. I’m inspired!