Protecting your energy?

As I’ve come into myself these last few years one of the things I’ve learnt is that we have to protect our energy, not only from negative thoughts, but also toxic relationships, one-sided friendships, and even from strangers online.

I no longer want to endlessly give myself to others as I felt I was literally being drained dry and had nothing left for myself at the end of the day. I definitely choose what battles are worth fighting or just walking away from. I’m finding more things just aren’t a priority and difficult people are just not worth your time and energy.

I found I was done with the petty drama, tired of trying to fix things for people who never learnt/tried for themselves & even full out cut some toxic family right out of my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a kind supportive person but I definitely don’t let the energy vampires suck me dry constantly anymore. My circle is smaller, but way deeper connected.

Let me tell ya, I wish I done it a decade sooner, knowing I didn’t have to carry the weight of everyone else really is helping me on my journey to reconnect with my true self. I’m finally at a point where I feel like my cup is full enough to reinvest in me.

Any one else struggling with giving too much energy & not keeping enough for yourself? Did you learnt that in your 30s/40s/beyond?


I really recently only started truly believing in the concept of energy and vibrations. I didn’t really see it before but being on this journey this last year has really opened me up to understanding this concept. Now I am a lot more sensitive to my gut and to the vibes that I feel from people and places and am conscious to clear energy. I’m t try ugh to develop my gut and my mind to have ever sharper intuition.


I agree 100% and I started the process in my 30’s, to move away from emotional vampires.

My motto is: I put people where they put me.

I don’t look to cut people out, but if someone is only bringing negative vibes, not doing anything to better these situations, not being there for me, not showing some basic reciprocation and support when they can, then I step back. I decide if and when I feel like reaching out or spending time with them. I am an empath, and I have been taken advantage of many times by people who just want my energy, love and support, but do not give back. Over time, I have slowly put more time into my core loved ones, and less time into those who do not have the same expectations. It doesn’t have to be 50/50, some people have more going on, or just aren’t phone talkers, etc. but it is about showing up. If they don’t for long enough, I would rather put that energy into me, and those who do show up.


Completely relate to this. I started really focusing on energy forces in my mid twenties where I had some amazing mentors who educated me in this way. I believed in the theory of attraction where positive energy will attract positive and negative attracts negative. I’ve put this use in achieving career goals and just life goals in general.

I completely agree too with letting some friendships or relationships go if I don’t feel reciprocity…whether that is in how open the person is, or how available they are, or whether they are only in tune with their own needs in our friendship. My life is so busy and full at the moment I don’t have time for toxic friendships or people in general. I can’t bother to spend time and energy there.

I think in general too when you get older, your social circles tend to grow smaller and it’s a part of a normal life change.