Radical Sex Witches Podcast Interview with Scarlet Society

Hi everyone! We are so happy that Scarlet Society was featured on the popular podcast Radical Sex Witches with @LittleLeah and Carla Wainright. Our founder @JADE sat down with the ladies at the Radical Sex Witches to talk about our mission and how this all came together.

You can check out [the podcast on Apple] :hear_with_hearing_aid:(‎The Radical Sex Witches: Scarlet Society ~ An Interview with Founder Jade Chang Sheppard on Apple Podcasts)

Please check out the Radical Sex Witches on their Instagram Page too. Shout out to @LittleLeah and Carla! :heart_eyes: :heart: :black_heart: :heart: :black_heart:


We had such a great time speaking with @JADE Thank you so much for being on the show! :black_heart: Love this community you have created! :crystal_ball::sparkles:


Love this! Love that people are talking more and more about sexual health and wellness. Thank you!!!


Thank you Leah! That was so much fun and looking forward to more collaborations in the future!


:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: Definitely looking forward to it!