Sex club advice?

Hi! Does anyone have experience with NYC sex/swinger clubs, and can you make any recommendations with pros and cons? My male friend and I are curious and want to go to one soon. Neither of us has any idea what to expect. We are in our 50’s & attractive, although I’m a bit overweight now post Covid & an injury. I’m still considered pretty and sexy, not quite a BBW, but I’m very insecure about this! Some of the better clubs want to physically “screen” new members via submission of full body pics. I would be HORRIFIED if I was rejected, especially in front of my male friend! I used to be quite hot! :grimacing: And most of these sex/swinger clubs seem to cater to 20-30 year olds? Thanks in advance for sharing! :heart:

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Hi Penny! I’m in Los Angeles but NYC is probably similar. Do a google search for best swingers clubs and then go check them out! They all do a “screen” but they won’t turn anyone away that passes the sniff test, they are just screening for creeps and criminals. The screening process deters the weirdos. They aren’t screening to make sure that you’re up to some random attractiveness standard. I belong to a club called SNCTM which also has events in NYC and it’s very expensive but I’ve found other party circuits to be equally fun and enjoyable and a fraction of the cost. It just takes a little research and digging around! In the end, as long as you have a fun partner who you enjoy being with, just see it as an adventure for the two of you and you can explore and laugh at the ridiculous parties and clubs and have a really hot and sexy time if you find one that hits the spot. Welcome to our community!


Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement! I’m still a LITTLE concerned- I’m a good 40 overweight. :grimacing::cry: I think some of them say “fit”, I think SNCTM says this? Or they use a similar word…and yes I know of SNCTM- glad to interact with someone that actually belongs! And what about age for these clubs?
I have googled and read a LOT! Some reviews… I assume there are circuits etc that I can’t find on google-how do I find these?

No need to be concerned I’m overweight and went to one in Maryland and I was not alone!
It really is a judgment free zone… people are there and you don’t judge each other… you are there to have a good time!


Aw! Thanks! Very nice of you to give such kind support! I’m starting to look forward to it!
Mostly because of the man I’m going with, but it seems like it should be hot!

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Girl - there are all sort of people at these clubs. Beauty is not all about weight. It’s your vibe, your air and your confidence. People can feel it. If SNCTM is daunting, then try one of your local swinger clubs. Those are more casual. We also have networks here that are def not as “exclusive” and while still require pictures, they’ve let all sorts of people in. Once you go to a party, start making some friends and asking around. People will tell you what the local networks are and how to get involved. It’s a really open and fun community of people. They love others who are friendly and enthusiastic! Most of them are not on google or not active on google, so you just have to ask around. The swingers clubs are active, so just google for “best swingers clubs NYC” or something like that you’ll find something to try! It can be super fun! Keep us updated, I want to hear how it goes!!! Also ask if you have any more questions. I love hearing about women that are getting out there and exploring!

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thanks jade! I haven’t been yet- my friend and I are planning on September due to work and travel etc. I’ve googled and found a few clubs in the city- all seem to have varied but mostly good reviews, except Caligula gets a lot of bad ones??? lol.
he and I will meet up to discuss when it gets closer. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing something cute! lol
I’m still not sure what I want or how I feel about it, but I won’t know until we get there! I suspect it might just a turn on for him and I but we’ll see. and of course, the 1st time we’ll be pretty mild… I just signed onto FEELD out of curiosity- my friend has met a few men on there that he has hooked up with out of town. not sure how I feel about it- already had one possibly creepy person I gave a clear pic to and “he” disappeared so hopefully he’s not tracking me by my photo! :grimacing: I thought they disappear but I guess not- “he” easily could have taken a screen shot, but I don’t have many images of me inline anyway so :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:.
what is your advice for being in the club? like “never go to the last room in the back” or “don’t drink the water” lol

Give us an update. @Penny !!! :slight_smile:

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haha! well, we haven’t yet gone to the sex club, due to changing schedules and just things coming up, but we are definitely planning to. The most exciting update is that this man and I SEEM to be embarking on a regular thing- dinner and sex date #3 this weekend, averaging 1x/week is the current plan. Night #2, just 2 nights ago was ASTOUNDING!!! I mean… he turned me OUT! We both agreed it was some of the best sex either of us have ever had- in the top ten at least. We had some accoutrements,
2 of which neither of us had used before. I literally had 8 orgasms. We are completely hot together! He’s not looking for anything too serious right now, although we work great together so I’m just hoping we can keep it going until he does! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But yes I will update you about the club experience! Oh, and re.; my original concern about size etc., my guy keeps telling me that I’m exceedingly beautiful and he loves my body, so that makes a massive difference! Paired with feedback here I’m feeling more confident about it overall.

That’s an awesome update, @Penny !!! I love it and love that you’re having such amazing sex! You deserve it girlfriend. I love this guy for you and most of all, that you’re having fun and that he makes you feel confident and lovely. My guy and I had a pretty big breakthrough this last week after a lot of communication (and miscommunication), but we came out the other side and it’s so hot (insert panting excited voice). Toys, roleplay, fantasy… really take things to another level!!!