Should Grown Adult Children Live with You?

What do you think of the idea about adult children living with their parents? Not talking about the separated suites with multi-generational families but what if you had adult grown children who were still single and wished to live with you? My partner brought this up the other day and was mostly against it while I was more open to the idea. I have met other women who had adult, single sons living with them still well into their mid 20s and it seemed to be working out fine.

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Ummmmmm that’s a no. First, what adult children truly want to be living with their parents?! How do they date? I’m pretty sure that once I graduated from college, I wasn’t dating anyone who was still living with their parents…

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:smile:somehow this is tying all back to our Bad Dates and Online Dating thread LOL

My sons are only 17 and 15 and they have already decided they never want to leave home. I’m sure that will change once we start charging them rent and they want to date. We moved from a house to a condo in late 2019 so I hope they will venture out on their own one day. I want to have my own craft room.

My brother (33) still lives at home with my Mom. It’s just the 2 of them since my Dad passed away in 2014. They bicker constantly but I think my Mom would be lonely by herself in that house and my brother has it pretty good since he works FT and not alot of overhead expenses He has a nice car and motorcycle. If he has a girlfriend, they have a downstairs area where they can ‘hang out’ but his room is upstairs. When we go out for dinner as a family, he always pays for Mom, drives her where she wants to go. I do hope he gets married one day but he doesn’t seem to be in a rush.


Ugh I think that’s a no from me! They need to learn to be independent. If they need help fur a bit is one thing.

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I think your mom likely appreciates your brother being there, even if they do bicker. That’s very sweet of him to pay for her and to drive her where she needs to be. It might be hard though if and when he is in a serious relationship or decides to marry.

I would be understanding if my sons needed to or wanted to live with me when they are grown but I would certainly prefer that they didn’t and were able to go on their own. I think a weekly visit or dinner is just perfect!But I wouldn’t turn them away either if they needed to.

Thank you for sharing! Welcome!
Yeah, every family has their own situation. It’s so nice for your mom to have your brother as company. After my dad died, my brother and I were at my mom’s house every day for awhile and we only lived a few houses away, so I completely feel that.