Spring Cleaning…home, mind or both?

Hard to believe it was the Spring Equinox a week and a half ago! April is fast approaching!

It’s a great time to refresh our homes & workspaces. This week I’ll start going through my place room by room and putting away the winter gear & unpacking all the bright summer stuff. The air is warm & fresh…so I try to let that breeze in to cleanse out the stale winter air.

Spring is just so great for me all around, I literally feel like a new person coming out of my winter hibernation. I literally shed a ton of my low/dark thoughts…turns out I legit have seasonal affective disorder…never clued in before but it makes so much sense :joy:

What’s your fave part of Spring? Is it the buzz if all the “twitterpated” animals? Is it the fresh air & new plant growth? Do you have any Spring rituals?


It’s been great to see the flowers come out and longer sunnier days. I started a bit of spring refresh with going through our closets a couple of weeks ago but I need to continue to do that. I like the idea of spring cleaning the mind too! Might start with also cleaning my computer files which tends to get cluttered up and makes my whole day and work less efficient. Maybe a good time to do a social media timeline cleanse too!


I love spring and March! THe spring equinox is a time for releasing that which doesn’t serve us and for planting new seeds. For renewal, rebirth. So much energy in the month of March! I just did a full moon ceremony with 11 of my girlfriends last weekend where we talked about our intentions for the new season. I love this time, the days getting longer… I am NOT a cold weather person at all!


I was just saying to my BFF the other day, I am SO happy it is spring, the sun is out more, the weather is warmer, the flowers are out, and it FEELS like better times are ahead. Spring always feels like a fresh start, and holy balls do I need one! For my husband and I, we love gardening, and creating our big jungle outside, full of fruits, veggies, and lots of flowers. We find it really relaxing and enjoying to get our seeds going, plant things, watch them grow, and see which ones do well and which end up in the dumpster :sweat_smile: :green_heart:

I LOVE the idea of gathering with friends and setting intentions, ooooooh @JADE I am going to adopt that one I think! I can’t do that right now, there seems to be no time for meet ups with my ladies, but I think I will at least do this on my hikes with myself in the sunshine. I’ll start today, to set and write my intentions, and whisper them to Mother Nature.

Right now, I am manifesting some money and a vacation to a beach, that is an intention I need in my life. Byeeeeeeeeeee winter, you chilly b!tch…


That looks so fun - your full moon ceremony.

A funny thing that reminded me of though is once my friends and I tried to do a night time full moon paddle on the ocean and it was not QUITE the peaceful moment we were hoping for. The conditions were weirdly choppy and it was so dark. The moon was partially hidden b/c it turned cloudy and when we tried to stay still to do a bit of a moon circle, we were bobbing up and down quite uncomfortably and no one was really into it. LOL :rofl: sometimes when you try the energy isn’t right and it just doesn’t work. No to mention when I got to the parking lot, it was pitch dark, cold, and my hands were super tired and slippery that I dropped the end of my board and the giant fin landed on my toe! I was lucky I didn’t break it b/c I had boots on but my nail was cracked and blackened and it took months for it to grow out.


Oh I’ve done a full moon surf before and it is definitely more romantic in concept than in practice haha! It was so dark I couldn’t see any of the waves and it was so dangerous, we couldn’t see each other either. 20 mons and I was good. Sitting at the bonfire was way more fun!

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I love spring cleaning - first up. It makes me feel like there’s a fresh, clean page ahead. I also love, love, love hearing all the birds and seeing the squirrels chase each other!

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Agree the bonfire after is the BEST part!

Yes definitely see all the squirrels are out and being playful. Always makes me smile.

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