Style Inspiration for 40+

Hi Scarletans! Feeling really blah lately about fashion and style in my 40s. I used to consider myself to be quite current and a trendsetter when it comes to style but now after going through my 30s raising young kids and working from home for so long, I feel kind of lost in the fashion department. I end up wearing the same old things and even if I get some new pieces, I feel like my style never evolves. I don’t feel like I’ve found my “look” for my 40s…if there’s even such a thing. What are some good style inspiration blogs or websites you look to? Do you have a style icon for women in our age range? Even stores and brands I’ve loved my whole life I’m now just not feeling it.

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I have no idea what’s age appropriate anymore or is that even a thing still? I am definitely still wearing things I wore when I was 20 and I honestly feel like I look better in it now haha!

What kind of vibe do you have now … what is your ootd …and what are you looking for … do you just want to add in some trendy items or more classy …

honestly I have no idea! I guess that’s why I’m looking for inspiration - anyone you follow on IG or any websites/style bloggers. I’ve worked from home for so long that I’m constantly in sweats or work out/athleisure wear and then it’s either running errands or off to pick up the kids. I barely ever “go out” LOL or go anywhere really. I was starting to get stressed about it because I’m supposed to go to my week long in -person grad school program in June and there is a dress code of business wear for lectures and business casual for the social events. I’m not even sure what that all even means anymore. Even when I worked, I always worked in more casual environments where a sharp blazer with nice dark denim and flats or heels were acceptable.

I also really dislike high rise that’s been the trend for the past 5 years. I have a very straight up and down/boy shaped body and that high rise thing does nothing for me. I call them Oompa Lumpa pants - the high raise, boxy cropped pant. I can do a wide legged high rise but those Oompa lumpa pants make me feel so frumpy and like I have a paper bag butt LOL

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That’s why I’m asking LOL b/c I still wear a lot of the same brands and shop at the same store and I think I look fine but do I?I was such a clothes horse before - I had closets full of heels, designer handbags (and always the new IT bag every season), but now I feel less motivated.

What’s the dress code let’s start there … and work in what you like … I’m free to go shopping lol

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I’ve definitely leaned into the No hard pants thing. A lot of leggings, smash+Tess rompers, Tentree. Earth tones. I even tried hats!

Ha well part of the problem is I’ve worked from home since 2012 which means I am basically in a sweatsuit most days unless when I have to be on camera. Since covid there’s barely any in-person meetings. Pre-covid I would at least get out for some in-persons. I have a big gift certificate from Aritzia I need to spend though so will definitely be going shopping soon!


I just never could find a nice pair of nice tailored pants that works for me. They always make me look weird!

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you can buy things you like and have them tailored to you … just need some basics that are good quality then you can add in anything else to spice it up

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