Hey beauties! I recently ran across a supplementation company that I’m intrigued to try (Cymbiotika).

I’ve listened to their founder on a couple of podcasts. He’s a man in his 40’s. As I’m getting ready to try a few of their products, I thought what better place to start this discussion and get input than here with all of you ladies.

Do you take supplements? If so, what are your favs?

I’m looking for the edge in keeping myself healthy and young, increasing energy, and staying sharp mentally.

Would love to hear your input!

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I take them on and off. I had taken a collagen one for a while to help with joints but I’m not sure if I noticed a difference. I was advised by my acupuncturist to start taking Magnesium bisglyninate for better sleep quality and relaxation so I have to get on that. I often take zinc if I feel run down.

I’m super passionate about this topic! I am a super biohacker and do a bunch of things to keep myself sharp and healthy! Have you ever heard of David Sinclair? His research is super interesting. I do parts of his protocol. I also love NAD+ and a few other things. Check out his podcast: ‎Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair on Apple Podcasts

Ooh I can’t wait to check it out!