The Ultimatum - 23 year olds making ULTIMATUMS ?!?!?!

I recently submitted to the nonsense drivel that is the Ultimatum on Netflix. I was immediately distressed at these BABIES feeling that before the age of 30 (or maybe after, turns out Netflix lied about one female contestant’s age :angry: they are at places in life where it’s marriage or bust. It bothered me on so many levels, though I confess I completely binged it. What stuck out for me, other than these youths feeling like they were “owed” a ring,

  • getting proposed to is the EASIEST part of marriage
  • I revisited what I was like at their tender ages and thank my lucky stars I didn’t say yes to proposals before I’d been through a LOT of self discovery
  • what does it say that a generation believes that keeping it “tight”, graduating from college and having a job is all it takes?
  • one of the male characters gave me PTSD about an abusive ex I had, who was physically massive, overpowered me and was physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive to me, and reacted so quickly with rage. It was scary to see it happening in front of me, and I was glad that there were film crews around, if only because they could physically protect the woman who was screaming to be heard

I realize that this is a nonsense show. But it has sparked some serious debate on Twitter, and I am curious who, if any of you, else is finding themselves with surprisingly visceral reactions.

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I’m so glad I"m not under 30 anymore haha. I watched Love Is Blind and watching these young people navigate relationships was so painful to watch. I’ll put this on my Netflix watch list!!!

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I don’t think any of these people should be I. A relationship but it’s hella entertaining I’m 5 years no ring … should I sign up for the next season lol

I haven’t seen this one yet and I tried to watch Love is Blind but I couldn’t get through it. I completely agree getting a proposal is the easiest part and only step one of marriage. I never understood the goal of “scoring a ring” or even getting married super young. Would never put pressure on a partner to propose.

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I honestly cannot watch these shows, they show the worst in people and how desperate people are to be validated, or have a few minutes on TV, etc. I never find any of it relatable, I just yell at the people on the show and end up turning it off LOL Except Big Brother, guilty…my husband got me hooked, so I blame him.

I just think these shows are gross to make it seem like getting married and having babies ASAP is what gives you value, and makes your life successful. Hurry up, or you will end up alone, and unhappy, etc. FUCK that. My 20s and into my 30s were building a career, traveling, partying my ass off, making friends, enjoying time to myself whenever I want, and I have 0 regrets, nor would I want this suckage forced on my young brain. This shit sends the WRONG message. Life happens organically when we follow our own path, and make good choices that align with what matters to us. Use dating sites and apps, join groups to meet people if that’s your thing, go out bars/clubs, travel, whatever, but THESE shows have nothing to do with love IMO. Plus, if you have to corner someone or force them to marry you, that is NOT your person. UGH, now I’m annoyed with this show, and I haven’t even watched it, but I don’t need to because I feel like they’re all the same :clown_face: Sorry, and no offense to those who like these shows, I watch plenty of trash TV, just the love ones drive me mental, because they perpetuate these dated, lame notions about what happiness and love look like.

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Oh I get it, and usually I don’t watch them either. Can’t do Bachelor, or any of those. I got sucked in and then couldn’t look away. I am not pleased with myself and plan on this being the end of it.

What stuck out for me was the discourse that I saw, of people trying to wrap their heads around the thought processes of those volunteering, and why/what they were thinking.

I totally agree that if you think the best way to “corner” someone to marry you is by showing your whole (curated or not) life on TV, there’s much, much and more wrong. Again, the idea of getting to a proposal is the hardest thing. Even weddings are the easy thing. Take it into children, and birth is just one of the hard things, but in the scheme of a lifetime, which is what a child is, it’s also a drop in the (very painful) bucket.

I am just grossly fascinated that this is a thing, and one of the Twitter themes was, “what 30+ person would go on this show? If a relationship is going nowhere, you leave, you don’t force yourself on TV and show the world your heavily edited worst selves.”

I swear it’s from a sociological perspective + abject boredom when I was sick that I watched this. Now, I just find the discourse surrounding it to be quite interesting.


I also couldn’t believe they’re only 23 and Lodi g their shit about needing babies NOW. They are babies!

Just gonna drop this here lol


Can we go ahead and blame early Survivor on all of this look/name/nonsense?

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Lol well played :joy:

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:skull: :skull: :skull: That’s def not my cup of tea

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