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I’ll get started! Hi everyone, I’m Lila, one of your moderators here and Community Manager of Scarlet Society. I am in my early 40s, married with two children under 10. I live in the northwest part of Canada. I love to travel, ski, surf, and connecting with different people from all around the world. I hope to meet many of you here and start meaningful and thought-provoking questions as I head into the second part of my life. I would love to see posts and discussions about dating in your midlife, perspectives on age difference dating whether it’s older or younger partners, sex and health education for women over 40, and just to find support for everything we are going through in life.

Please reach out if you have any questions!



Hello! I just turned 40 & I have 2 kids 17/19 next month and have been with my hubby for almost 24 years. I love books & art, I do abstract painting & wood/epoxy work. I enjoy kayaking & hiking in warmer months. I’ve been trying to find a place where I fit & am so happy to be here!


Hi everyone!

I’m Jane, I am 42 and live with my husband and partner of 10 years, and our adopted kitty. We enjoy working in the garden and our aquariums, and we both love cooking and watching movies. I am a fan of movies, music, horror and true crime, so my self care time is often a hike, or a bubble bath, with something on Spotify cranked up! I recently left a successful career in management, after many years of burnout, facing fears of making a career pivot in mid-life, and so much uncertainty. I’m on the path learning and networking, trying to find my way into a new career, and regain the confidence and relevance that has been slipping away a bit the last couple of years. I’m always interested in hearing and sharing stories, especially with women of all backgrounds, and I love any chance we can connect and help to lift each other up. I love this platform to discuss topics that need to be de-stigmatized, because we deserve to learn and grow and be authentic, and not feel afraid to speak truth or ask questions. I am so happy to listen, learn and share with all of you about all kinds of topics, so let’s GO! :unicorn: :sparkling_heart: :rainbow: Oh, and I also love binge watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I like to keep it real, and the real me swears often, loves hard, and was likely a drag queen in my past life.


Hi! I’m turning 40 this year & I’m not exactly sure how I feel yet. But I’m looking forward to learning more from everyone here. I have two dogs who are our spoiled brats. I love to travel & can’t wait to get back to sandy beaches!


Welcome! Look forward to seeing your posts here