What Changes From 20s, 30s, 40s to 50s?

What are some of the changes in your bodies from the time one is in your 20s, 30s and 40s? Have you noticed any changes or do you feel more or less the same? And if you do feel differently, how do you manage the change? Do you eat and drink differently, take supplements, or manage self-care in a different way?

For myself, my body has actually gotten stronger in my 40s due to a more stringent workout routine but there are parts of me I feel don’t recover as fast. And the energy level isn’t quite there. I no longer want to stay up as late and I treasure any sleep in time, which is very little these days. I am trying to keep flexible but I’m also a bit lazy sometimes about stretching. My joints are definitely more sore sometimes and I’m making an effort to protect my knees and back.

Not gonna lie but since having children, the boobies aren’t quite the same. :laughing:

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Good questions! I think I’m actually healthier and firmer than I was in my youth, lots of this has more to do with intention than a desire for physical perfection (haha does that exist.). I am more conscious of the impact of what I put into my body and how it makes me feel later, rather than immediately, hence the “intention” word.

I’ve stopped drinking alcohol altogether because of how it made my mood and anxiety feel, and it has helped my sleeping a ton.

I’m definitely more high energy in the morning and when I have “commitments” later than like 7, I yearn to cancel.

As I get older, I am much more appreciative of how incredible our bodies are at letting us do so much, and I want to do whatever I can to keep my body and mind as fit as possible, so I never feel unable to do the things I love. There’s some defiance there, that may get knocked out by age, but I look at my Mum, who is 74, and she walks and does myofacial stretching and uses a reformer for her back and she really inspires me. She’s approached aging with grace and appreciation, so when I’m annoyed at some slight muffin topping on me, I remind myself that I’m lucky that this muffin top can climb mountains and swim in wild oceans.

Same, I don’t drink alcohol much anymore although I haven’t stopped completely but it’s quite rare occasion that I’ll have a drink. It does interfere with my sleep.

I love your mindset about appreciating our bodies and the ability to continue to do and enjoy many of the same activities as before. My mom too is an inspiration!

I’ve been fasting! It helps a ton for energy

No more alcohol for me, either :sweat_smile: Just don’t appreciate the fogginess the day after :rofl:


I started doing a morning fast - I don’t usually eat anything until 11AM and it really changed the way I felt

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I’m totally with you - no more alcohol for me! I have actually started doing mushrooms in social situations where I want to be more social and have more energy, laugh and dance with friends. Also, my favorite is MDMA. No hangover with an of those. Does take a little experimenting to find what works for you, though. None are as damaging to the body and mind as alcohol.

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I do intermittent fasting also! I agree that it really helps. I have blood sugar issues leftover from gestational diabetes and it really helps my blood sugar levels.

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I am so curious about mushrooms and microdosing, but I don’t know how legal it is in Mexico (which seems weird). I am uneasy about MDMA, probably left over from when my friends went to raves in high school and would do it and then be all depressed the next day. I suppose things have advanced since those days…is it hard to find quality/safe MDMA?

Yes, we can do an entire series on mushrooms, psychedelics and microdising! It is so available in the US now, not sure about Mexico. I know in Nicaragua, where I live sometimes, it grows on the streets and in the fields in May. MDMA… so everyone is different. Not everyone gets depressed the next day and that sounds a little like overuse possibly. Also, it’s good to take some supplements before and during as a neuroprotective. But, it is incredible and I believe it actually can help create new neuropathways, as mushrooms is proven to do, and can really help to release and heal stuff if taken therapeutically. MDMA can be tested with a test that you can get on the internet. Purity is definitely a concern. Here’s an article in Scarlet about psychedelics…


Since my mid-50s, and following menopause, I noticed that the quality of my skin has changed on my body, not just my face. With less elasticity, my skin has begun to sag and has even created a muffin top. I first noticed it when I was at my most buff. So I was shocked. But, I have to say, I’ve given in to aging. It’s a losing battle. When I began to realize that, it was freeing. Now I work out and stay healthy with all the activities I enjoy and none of the pressure I used to put on myself.


Yeah I think on the body I’m not sure what one can really do about it? On the face at least there are probably more treatments to help but I agree at some point there just is an acceptance and one that is of love and not out of fear or loathing of our changing bodies. It’s more important to stay strong and healthy and that’s my own goal so I can still be active well into my later years.


What steps did you take to realize and come to peace with it? I fought aging and getting older for many years. I probably still fight it but less so than before. I really used to agonize about it. It was all out of fear. Since the last year or two, I have focused on age a lot less, but the process and the journey still fascinates me. I have more peace in general now and I also feel better than every before, so that probably plays into it also.

I didn’t really take any steps to come to peace with it. I just noticed that, as hard as I tried, my efforts weren’t working. I worked out. I ate well. I was really buff. But bodies change. Skin loosens and muscles become less taut. I was not willing to do more for myself than what I was doing. Losing the fight helped me gain acceptance and freedom. I really don’t give a toss anymore. I want to enjoy life not spend my years fighting age. Also, I’ve become more aware of the pressures put on our gender and I’m too defiant a person to succumb to them.