What GGG Taught Me About Really Learning How to Receive

I feel like so much of this depends on how must trust you have with your partner? I used to feel slightly embarrassed to state or ask for what I want, and if I didn’t fully commit to or trust that person, it would be even harder to do so. But once I found the right person who is trusting and loving, it feels so much easier to receive.

What GGG Taught Me About Really Learning How to Receive

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I love the idea and the concept of GGG… to feel free to explore and be willing to try, be open to pleasing and being pleased. I used to be so self conscious and embarassed. Sometimes I still am, but I’m definitely more open to being up front about what I want and being my full authentic self now. No reason to waste any more time :).

I really enjoy this topic and the tips, mainly with taking it slow. I am more of a giver in general, and a people pleaser, so I often find it harder to ask for what I want in general. I sometimes feel guilty, if it takes more time for me to achieve orgasm, so I feel like I need to hurry up. I can be very domineering and assertive, and sometimes I want to be in charge in the bedroom and sometimes I don’t. I am going to take the tip of taking small steps to try new things, things that I am interested in exploring or trying again. On occasion, I have tried to take a bigger step and caught my husband off guard. Like when we were first dating, and I came out in a PVC nurses outfit I used to wear to fetish night at a local club LOL He was not ready for that, so we both ended up laughing a bit, BUT, I will say he had no complaints either, so it was a win/win :partying_face: :boom: :bomb: Wanna play doctor?!