What if you don't like his kids?

Is anyone with a partner whose kids are their world, but your nightmare? If so, how do you cope and how do you navigate the dynamics?


Great topic about potential blended families. I don’t have this experience myself but I believe if one partner doesn’t like the other’s family (kids, parents, siblings) that relationship is going to be very challenging. It will always be a source of tension and likely won’t go away unless the partner is going to sever ties with the family member in question. I would say if I was ever in the position of dating someone who was not keen on kids or MY kids, it is an absolute deal breaker. If I was the person on the other side, I would seriously question whether that relationship is going to have long term happiness. It might be less important if the “kids” were grown adults and living away but it will still have some impact on the relationship. I have friends who are in blended family situations where the child is now an adult but still somehow had implications on the relationship. My advice on coping is to evaluate if that is a relationship you are going to battle this out for, or are you going to be able to accept those family members in your partner’s life, forever.


What a great question. I don’t have this issue either but I can definitely see how this would be so extremely complicated. Interested to hear if anyone has been in this potion.

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