What is Dilation Therapy?

This was such an informative article - I had no idea that the vagina could tighten and get more narrow if you don’t use it :flushed: It does make sense though as I feel sex can be painful after menstruation (since I am taking a break during my period). Has anyone tried dilation therapy and did you feel the benefits of it?

What is Dilation Therapy?

I had to do Dilation Therapy after I had a radical hysterectomy and chemo and radiation due to cervical cancer. I was single at the time, and I neede to use it so that check ups weren’t too painful or uncomfortable and…when I was ready/able to have sex again it wouldn’t be painful either. I HATED it. They give you these dilators that literally look like long cream-colored plastic candle sticks. It’s obvious to me that a man designed it because there is no accounting for style or comfort, let alone trying to feel sexy while doing it. The least they could do is throw some silicone over it. I made the mistake of telling my oncologist I wasn’t using it because I didn’t really feel it all and I didn’t think it was doing anything - which is true, I mostly felt uncomfortable and silly, sitting there for 20 min with half a candlestick sticking out of my vagina - SOOOOOOO NOT SEXY. So, he gave me a bigger one! lol. Once I started having regular sex again I no longer had to use them. So…from my Dr’s perspective, as long as I was putting something long and wide in there, it was helping. Unfortunately I do not recommend…looking back, knowing what I know now, I would have found a more comfortable toy. Would have been less of a chore and I would have had the possibility at least of getting off.


I’ve had 3 natural births… nothing will make that shrink lmao

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