Why Divorce is an Opportunity to Feel More Empowered

Originally published at: Why Divorce Is An Opportunity To Feel More Empowered - Scarlet Society

Educator, author, and speaker Dr. Stephanie Han offers her best advice on how the end of a marriage can actually be a gift — a siren call to bravery and wholeness.

I love this article. Divorce is such a bad word in our society and it alienates divorcees and their children. I had such an amicable divorce and when I tell people about it, they are all so surprised. It’s sad that it is such a difficult experience. It should be OK to move on, OK to grow apart, OK to be the highest and best self you can be…

@JADE I hear you, and I love how this article advocates for those who have separated from their partners. Divorce shouldn’t be something people are ashamed to talk about, and hopefully if there is an openness about it, those who are going through the process can feel more supported. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!