Would you trade years off your life to have the perfect body? Sadly 17% said yes

I came across this research from Good Housekeeping that found 17% of those polled said they would trade off years off their life to have the ideal body. I found this to be so sad.

The full article is here and it talks about the findings of a survey conducted with readers of major womens magazines on body image, diet, eating disorders and health.

Women’s Health Survey Results from Good HouseKeeping

Disturbingly, * 48% of respondents disagree or strongly disagree that they are happy with the way their bodies look and feel. Only 6% of respondents strongly agree that they feel generally happy with their bodies.

  • 60% of respondents say the way they feel about themselves is largely influenced by their weight, shape or size.

I’m all for making healthy lifestyle changes and I have gone on diets myself to lose the weight I didn’t want but it is damning and sad to see how intertwined our self esteem is related to our body image, as well as how dissatisfied many women are with themselves.

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Wow that is so interesting!!! It does seem sad to me. I would trade off years of my life to be healthy, though…

This doesn’t surprise me given the thousands women spend a year on anti-aging procedures. They do it to “feel good” about themselves. I’d love for women to feel good about themselves - they’re real selves - and on their terms. There’s just so much pressure on women. We never get a break.

Anti-aging is part of the equation but also the overall wellness and fitness industry needs to take a good look at itself. When health, wellness, and fitness messaging and images are all centred around an ideal look and body type, it’s no wonder girls as young as 8 or 9 are concerned with how they look instead of just enjoying sports and a healthy lifestyle. Social media filters too provide a warped sense of reality, and we are all morphing to this homogenous “look”

Well said. All of those contribute. It’s just heartbreaking. I’m so so so happy to finally feel free of that. But what a waste of about 50 years of my life. Really enjoying where I am now. I wish it for everyone.